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Bui;ding Structures info - from prof. Rębielak 01 Dec 2017; 17:24
My Dear Building Structures Students
Because I will be abroad within period 12 - 16 December 2017 therefore the classes in 13th December 2017 I transmit to Tuesday 05th December 2017. In this day please visit me in my room No 4 at Warszawska Street (building of Faculty of Architecture) within time period starting from 12.30 until 15.00.

Our next typical classes will be held on Wednesday 06th December as usually in hall W1 at Podchorazych, starting at 18.45.

Best regards
Janusz Rębielak

Sculpture class schedule 09 Nov 2017; 11:37
Sculpture class (9 meetings, 21.11.2017 – 8.12.2017)
First class on 21.11.2017, Sculpture room, Podchorążych 1 str.
Course schedule:
- Tuesday (21.11, 28.11,5.12) - 10:00-11:30
- Wednesday (22.11, 29.11, 6.12) - 11:15-12:45
- Friday (24.11, 1.12, 8.12) - 11:15-12:45

Questionnaire Erasmus Programme in Krakow: What is your opinion about this city? 12 Apr 2017; 18:31
Dear Erasmus Students,
I will be very grateful in the name of the PHD Student - Łukasz Matoga, who is doing his doctoral research on Krakow tourism if you can help. He invites You to fill short questionnaire. See his message below:

My name is Łukasz Matoga. I am a PhD student in the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.
I am writing to you because you have visited Krakow under the Erasmus Programme. I have a few questions concerning your stay in this city. I would appreciate hearing your honest opinion about the educational and tourist offer of Krakow and how you spent your free time in this city. Your opinion is very important, because the answers might contribute to the improvement of current conditions of studying for foreign students in Krakow.
I would be grateful if you would complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire is available in 9 language versions: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
Below you can find a link to the online questionnaire (after clicking on it you will be redirected to a website with the questionnaire):

Thank you for your time and answers.
Best regards,
Łukasz Matoga
Department of Tourism and Health Resort Management
Institute of Geography and Spatial Management
Jagiellonian University
Gronostajowa 7, PL 30-387 Krakow
e-mail: lukasz.matoga@uj.edu.pl
You can find more information about my research project on the website:

Oferta praktyk Mass Lab - Porto, Portugalia 19 Mar 2017; 10:58
Otrzymaliśmy na maila wiadomość o wolnych miejscach na praktyki w biurze architektonicznym. Gdyby ktoś był zainteresowany oferta poniżej:

Dear Sirs
We are an office of architects located in Porto, Portugal, called Mass Lab.
We operating in the fields architecture, planning, urban space, landscape
design and construction.
Our company was established in 2014 and currently employs 9 full time staff
under the creative direction of the three Partners.
As part of the new generation of Portuguese architects revitalizing the
Oporto School tradition, Mass Lab distinguished themselves through the
international competition Nordic Built Cities Challenge in which they were
among the 4 finalists in the Faroe Islands competition.
We send this email to inform you that we are interested in receiving your
students for the Erasmus+ program.
In case you have students who wish to take an internship under the Erasmus+
program in our office, please contact us or inform them to speak with us.
Is an opportunity for them to develop their skills in a new country and gain
professional experience.
We hope you disclose our email by your students.
Thank you.
Cumprimentos / Best regards

Business Developer @ MASS Lab
M +351 917 299 577
@ office@masslab.pt
W www.masslab.pt
Av. da Boavista 3769 L7
4100 – 139 PORTO

Wyniki rekrutacji na studia i praktyki w Programie Erasmus+ 2017/18 18 Mar 2017; 10:15
Szanowni Państwo,
w związku z licznymi zapytaniami informuję, że wyniki z rekrutacji na studia i praktyki w Programie Erasmus+ 2017/18 zostaną opublikowane na niniejszej stronie w poniedziałek wieczoremoraz wywieszone przed pokojem 1.04 na ul. Podchorążych 1 we wtorek rano.
Proszę o cierpliwość. Wszystko musi być starannie przeliczone :)
Justyna Tarajko-Kowalska

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